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Welcome to Gniezno
Spis treści
Welcome to Gniezno
Tourism, recreation and culture
An investor-friendly town
International collaboration
International collaboration
miedzynarodowam.JPG     In the year of 1000 Gniezno provided the scene for the historical meeting between the Emperor Otto the Third and the Polish Prince Boleslaus the Brave. Otto the Third came all the way from Magdeburg to the first capital of Poland to pray in front of the grave of his friend, St. Adalbert. During the first Gniezno meeting an independent Polish organization of the Church was established, with the metropolis in Gniezno and bishoprics in Cracow, Kolobrzeg and Wrocław. Boleslaus the Brave became at the time a friend of the Roman Empire and an independet ruler and received the emperor's gift in the form of a copy of St. Maurice's spear.
    Today, Gniezno continues the glorious tradition of dialogue in the regularly arranged Gniezno Meetings, providing form for unique encounters between religious communities, people of different cultures, politicians, and lay individuals. The Meetings represent the largest international ecumenical meetings in Europe and their participants come from all over Europe, that is, from Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Lithuania and Latvia. These Meetings are also attended by Germans, Russians, Romanians, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Italians and Poles.
miedzynarodowa1m.jpg     The first capital of Poland is also active in the field of partner collaboration with many towns, including the Italian town of Anagni, Hungarian town of Esztergom, the Swedish town of  Falkenberg, the Lithuanian town of Radviliškis, the French town of Saint–Malo, the German town of  Speyer, the Ukrainian town of Uman and the Russian town of Siergijew Posad. A reliable partnership with these towns is an important factor in the promotion of Gniezno abeoad. The cooperation between Gniezno and these towns and cities continues to develop and involves various social groups. Financial support for events with the participation of foreign partners are obtained from the European Union program of Town Twinning or similar programs. The cooperation at the town level provides chances for reciprocal exchange and for excursions of school children or disabled individuals, and for arranging various cultural and scientific events.
    Gniezno is proud to possess the Honorable Plaque of European Council awarded by the Commission for the Environment, Spatial Planning and Local Authorities by the Parliament of European Council. The Plaque represents a distinction second in importance to the European Prize awarded by the European Parliament to local governments for their pro-European activity. In the opinion of the European Council, Gniezno in the year of 2006 fulfilled the required criteria for the honorable distinction. Before receiving the Honourable Plaque of the European Council Gniezno was distinguished with the Diploma of the Council and the Honourable Banner of the European Council.

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Municipal Office
ul. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno
tel.: +48 61 426 04 00
fax: + 48 61 426 16 87
NIP: 784 100 15 91
REGON: 630189018
Bank Ochrony Środowiska S.A. in Gniezno
Account No.: 92 1540 1056 2047 8400 3030 0001


tel.: +48 61 426 04 34
Urząd Miejski
ul. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno
tel.: +48 61 426 04 00